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Febuary 5, 2003
Fans and friends,

As of last week, I made the decision to officially leave Z Records due to a few new musical opportunities that could help me to further my career a bit more to my personal liking. My parting with Z Records was a mutual separation, and we have parted as friends with no animosity from either party. The "Z artist's press release" that everyone has seen, had nothing to do with my leaving Z. This is a decision that I have been thinking about for quite some time, and my parting coincidentally happened during this time.

I still have hopes to release a new album this year, but until things can be sorted out with a new label, the release of my new album will be delayed a bit longer. I have high expectations that the new album will be out this year, but there may be a possibility that this is not the case as I am still unsure at this very moment where I will call "home" as my label. Negotiations with several label's that are interested in my material are in the works, but we have not made any decisions at this time nor do I have any guarantees. I will post an update as to what's going on as soon as I find out and it's etched in stone.

I appreciate everyone's support for sticking by me in the wait for this new album, and I apologize for how long it's taken to get together, but some things have been way beyond my control. I'll post any new news as soon as a decision is made and keep you all updated on my progress. Hopefully these new possibilities will work out in my best interest, but if not, I feel good inside that I followed my heart and got the chance to pursue them. Wish me luck!

With much love,
Danny Danzi

July 20, 2003
Dan Ward Music - (Special Note: Danny handles the lead vocals and guitar on the song, "Everybody's Gotta Have a Dream - Check out the MP3)

JULY 13, 2002
Z Rock Canada has now been rescheduled, it was originally hoped to stage the show during November however members of two of Z's Canadian acts advised us to reschedule for a March show. The rescheduled details are as follows: Line Up to date: Von Groove (TBC), Silent Rage, Vaughn, Naro, Arabia, Danny Danzi.
Date: 9th March 2003
Venue: The Big Bop, Toronto Canada.
Tickets go on sale August 1st and all tickets holders of the original show will receive a replacement ticket shortly. To enable the multi national audience to buy tickets easily the following three Z Rock Canada tickets outlets have been opened: Tickets purchased within Canada will cost C$30.00 [plus $5.00 booking fee] Via post only, Cheques payable to P Naro Music [P Naro Music, Suite 104, 1840 Bathurst St, Toronto, Ontario, M5P 3K7 Canada]
Tickets purchased within the USA will cost US$20.00 [plus $3.50 booking fee] Tel +1 303 652 0199, Tickets purchased within Europe will cost GBP14.00 [2.50 booking fee] Tel +44 1695 556302, Cheques / money order payable to MJAP ONLY to Z Rock Canada, Z Records, PO Box 58, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, WN8 6FN, England.

July 5, 2003
Z Rock Canada is being reschedule.....more news on this soon.

March 8, 2003
Great news (I'll be there!!!):
Great news just in from Z Records - tickets have now been mailed out to all those whom pre ordered for the labels first ever Z Rock show outside of Europe. Label boss Mark Alger commented "Well its time to see if there is really enough support across the big pond for a show of this kind, one thing is for sure the organization that has been previously praised within Europe will be present and it will be a show to remember!! It' now up to the fans, if they want us to return year after year this show needs to at least break even. I would personally like to thank some of our artistes whom have constantly encouraged me to take this step, without the encouragement of Danny [Dobaaa] Danzi, Doug Aldrich, Phil Naro, Danny Vaughn, John Blaze, Mike Shotton and Mladen THIS SHOW MAY NEVER HAVE BECOME A REALITY! As one of my all time rock heroes Joe Perry of Aerosmith once said "Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Brighton Rock have now confirmed their appearance at Z Rock Canada. The line up is now consists of 7 bands with a final act to be added by May. The fully confirmed line up is: Brighton Rock, Von Groove, Burning Rain, Naro, Danny Danzi, Arabia, M2.
Date: Sunday 1st September 2002
Venue: Big Bop, Toronto, Canada

Tickets are now on sale and to enable the multi national audience to buy tickets easily the following three Z Rock Canada tickets outlets have been opened.
Tickets purchased within Canada will cost $30.00 [plus $5.00 booking fee] *** CANADIAN FUNDS
Via post only: Cheques payable to P Naro Music [P Naro Music, Suite 104, 1840 Bathurst St, Toronto, Ontario, M5P 3K7 CANADA]
Tickets purchased within the USA will cost $20.00 [plus $3.50 booking fee] *** US FUNDS Tel +1 303 652 0199
Tickets purchased within Europe will cost 14.00 [2.50 booking fee] *** UK FUNDS Tel +44 1695 556302
Cheques / money order payable to MJAP ONLY to Z Rock Canada, Z Records, PO Box 58, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, WN8 6FN, ENGLAND.

January 24, 2002
Hi Everyone!!!

Sorry it's been a while since I had any news to report. That's because I've been hard at work on the album of the year!!!! :-) The band has FINALLY entered the studio for the post production (final recording) of DanziLand, and things have been going exactly as planned thus far. The pre production of the album (the test recordings to see if we liked the ideas) was done in my studio, and it really went well! So well in fact, we thought of releasing the stuff to the label! Evil Alger (Z Records President) even gave me the "Evil Award" for the pre pro stuff I sent him. So you can all look forward to a killer album as promised.

As I stated some time ago, we rented out a pretty killer facility in Berlin NJ called TMP Records, owned and operated by none other than Wayne Davis our bassist. Wayne is a far better engineer than I'll ever be, and his studio takes us away from our everyday norm here in DanziLand. Wayne will be engineering, producing and mixing this album as well. I got to the point of being way too involved with my material, and didn't want to be totally behind the wheel pushing the buttons and sometimes missing the obvious. So Wayne will be taking care of us this time around, but I'll be close by working with him side by side. We originally had the studio booked for October, but a few unexpected happenings transpired (beyond our control, honest!) and we were forced to cancel our arrangements. Now that stuff is all behind us, and we're where we need to be. Tempo maps (to help us keep time while we record each part) were created a few weeks back, and I started tracking guitars on Monday of this week. I should be done with my parts by the end of the week and Andy will go in next week and do his thing. I'll be tracking Phil from DanziLand as my studio has a few weapons that will benefit our TMP recording as far as Phil's parts are concerned.

Timmaay will begin live drum tracking on February 1, and then we sing! YAY!!! I'll keep you up to date with full studio reports as they transpire. Again, I humbly apologize for the time it's taken to release this album, but I felt I had to lock in with the right musicians first. We all know how tedious and useless auditions can go, and sometimes you think you have the line-up, and a few months later, you're searching for members again. Though SLIT is my baby, you would have most likely gotten SLIT II with a more mature songwriting approach if I would have given you another album of me doing everything. Though that's not a bad thing in my eyes, I felt I owed you all something better than what I could achieve on my own, and quite honestly, I didn't want to do another album all by myself. It can make you not want to do this anymore, for the stress factor is overbearing.

Our One-list group moderator and vice president of my fan club, artist, photographer, writer, sweetheart, (God you got some talents K!) Karen will do the CD jacket artwork, credits list etc. We look forward to having Karen work on our stuff, and we feel there is no one better for the job. I'm so excited K!!!!! :) A photographer friend of Karen's, (and now our friend) Ellie from Roving Eye photography, will do our photo shoot sometime around February 9. Ellie's work can be seen at so make sure and check out her work....SMOKIN!

What you'll have here when things are fully completed, is what I believe to be my destiny. Where I should have been all along. A collaborator and team player with band members that are equally as talented as myself in different areas. The sound will definitely be "Danzi" but it will NOT be remotely close to SLIT other than huge hooks and guitar solo's....and of course killer back-ups.

Thanks for your support and loyalty through all this. It's really made this come together for me knowing so many were there for me as friends and fans. Not to mention your patience and belief in me and the guys to deliver a killer album. We know how loved we are from the kind e-mails, live gig support, snail mails, and album sales, so we're going to love you back and totally kick your tails with this one! Thanks again for making this all come true for us!!!

With much Love and Admiration,

Danny Danzi
Andy Slostad
Wayne Davis
Timmaay Lloyd
Phil Buckleman

January 8, 2002
The information about a show on January 9 is a rumour. They asked Danny to play songs from the new album and SLIT and to do a Q&A. The next thing you know, they have him playing live on the 9th of January on some paltalk yahoo and net nightclub thing. The servers never got back to Danny as to whether this was a go or not and someone decided to print this news and now it is everywhere. So, the following information is NOT true at this time:
Danny Danzi will perform a free show over the internet on January 9. This will be broadcast by paltalk from 7pm US Eastern Time. Danny's s set will include tracks form his first album 'Somewhere Lost In Time' and his upcoming second record 'Danziland'. The show will be followed by and Q&A session with the whole band.

Decmeber 11, 2001
Some photos from Danny's December 1 (Alpine Lounge, Williamstown, NJ) show can be found here:

Track No. (9) is from DANNY DANZI - ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE** [taken from the forthcoming album "Danziland"]

This message appeared on the Mailing List for Danny Danzi.
Subject: Re: [DannyDanzi] Digest Number 281
Date: Sunday, December 09, 2001 10:13 PM

Welcome to the list my friends from Japan! :) Another special thanks to everyone for their support on our show last week. Michele and Karen for the awesome promotion and support, Deb, Barb, Brandy, Ellie and all our families and friends. But I also want to take the time to thank a few individuals who really make this whole thing wonderful.

Of course they are the band. It's very rare to have 4 best friends in this world, let alone 4 guys in your band you consider brothers. The guys have went through the pains of hell for me to get to where they are now, and quite frankly, you wouldn't have the album you are all about to hear if it were not for them. I would have never played live at this time presenting the show in my own vision without my own band. These guys are as equally important to what we have here as I am. Yes as long as I'm in the band it will have the Danny D sound, but they've enhanced what I'm capable of and brought it to the next level. All the songs on this album with the exception of Eternity, Time Passes By and Just a Matter of Time, were completely written and arranged by ALL of us.

Phil Buckleman's lyrical abilities (and phat board lines) have taken a huge burden off of Andy and myself and he adds an interesting twist in the mix.
Andy and I are pretty similar lyrically (except his grammar is more proper than mine LOL) but Phil takes a slightly different approach and it compliments us and brings us to the next level.

Wayne's ability to rag on us and keep us focused so we don't repeat things that have already been done are (anal retentive LOL) a blessing for freshness in our writing, not to mention his producer skills, vocals and AWESOME bass work. Timmaay's arrangement ability and vocal ability separate him from a normal "beat the skins" drummer, and his sense of timing surpasses old Roland (who we've fired 30 times now) who is a machine!

Andy's record speaks for itself. Being my right hand man, (hmm that doesn't sound right, get your minds out of the gutter!) his writing and arrangement capabilities also add to the sound of what we do. In my eyes none of these guys are replaceable, and this is the first time I've been in a band of this caliber. Their playing, determination, writing skills and awesome humanity set's them apart from the all the others in my past, and in some of the major acts today. So a sincere thank you to my awesome band for putting their lives on hold for me. They went into this thing saying "You're the boss Danny we're here for you and have a job to do" and I come out of it saying "You've done the job well, WE are the band, I'm just the name that got a foot in the door." Thanks guys, you rule!

Michele and Karen for their intense support, promotion and for putting their lives on hold to give us our little slice of heaven on the net, as well as a well informed game plan to keep everyone up to date on everything. Your hard work is greatly appreciated!!! As George Martin was said to be the 5th Beatle, Michele and Karen are for sure the 6th and 7th Danzi to this organization, and we love you both very much and thank you from our hearts. And to the friends and fans that have been a part of this list, and our lives. Without you, there is nothing but talented individuals gifted by God with no means of transportation of our music. Part of us will always write music because we enjoy it, but that other part will be thinking of all of you as we do it, asking ourselves if this is something you will approve of. We never want to let you down, so you are every bit important and in our hearts as we write material. You are our inspiration!!! Thank you everyone, have a wonderful and safe holiday season!!!

With Love,

December 6, 2001
Danny is one of's December featured man of the month!

November 24, 2001
Tickets for Z Rock 2002 Canada will go on sale on January 14th, to help the multi - national audience obtain tickets easily the following pricing structure has been formulated with Z ticket agents within Canada, the US and UK.
Tickets purchased within Canada will cost $30.00 [Canadian Funds]
Tickets purchased within the USA will cost $20.00 [US Funds]
Tickets purchased within Europe will cost 14.00 [ UK Funds]
[please note: booking fee's may apply] Hotline numbers will be posted shortly! The confirmed line up to date is: Von Groove, Naro, Danny Danzi, Arabia, M2 with further acts to be announced shortly, visit for further details or email

November 16, 2001
Z Records are determined to make their first ever North American show one to remember and are proud to announce the following acts that are so far confirmed to appear: Von Groove, Naro, Arabia, Danny Danzi & M2. Three more acts will be announced shortly. The show will take place on September 1st 2002 at The Big Bop, Toronto, Canada and tickets will go on sale on Monday January 7th.

For over 3 years Z Records have been trying to find the right venue, promoter, line up etc to be able to stage a full scale Z Rock show outside of Europe, that is until today......
Z Record are proud to announce the first ever Z ROCK show to be staged outside of Europe. Label boss Mark Alger stated " we where extremely close to reaching our goal last year and during 1999 however red tape put a stop to the dream on each occasion. It is indeed a pleasure to be able to announce the staging of our first full scale Z Rock show within North America, as we have now laid the foundations to enable us to give the fans what they have requested for so many years"
The show will take place on Sunday September 1st 2002 at The Big Bop,Toronto, Canada. Tickets will go on sale on Monday January 7th 2002 [details can be found at ].
Line up details will be announced shortly.

December 17th will see the release of ROCK THE NATIONS [the sequel] a budget price double cd compilation. The album will feature the best of Z Records releases plus a planned 20 previously unreleased tracks. The compilation will feature new material from the forthcoming releases by Shy, Humanimal, Amaze Me, Michael Bormann, Danny Danzi, Doug Aldrich, Push, Aces High, Silent Rage, Tony Mills, Friction and Sons of Angels. Plus an all new track from our latest high profile signing which has caused great excitement at Z hq, news of whom will be released shortly. In addition Vaughn, Westworld, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Contagious, Von Groove, Dreamhunter, Arabia, and Burning Rain will all make an appearance.

October 17, 2001
Hi Everyone!!!

In light of the terrible disaster that struck the US, what the band and I had planned tour wise for Europe has been put on hold for now. We were hoping to do a lot more shows over there, but things are a bit scary traveling wise, so we'll hold off for a while. I do however have a few US
gigs in the works, and we're keeping things up close and personal yet again. Before the band goes out and really hits hard with massive gigs, we want to do a few of those tune-up shows while we complete the new album which will be called "DanziLand." I got another show booked at a place in my home town of Williamstown called the Alpine Lounge. The show will take place on Saturday, December 1, 2001 at around 10pm, so come on out and party with us, will ya?! We will also be performing more material from the new album, as well as your favorites from "Somewhere Lost In Time."

The Alpine Lounge is located on the Blackhorse Pike (also known as 42 South) in Williamstown NJ next to Canal's Liquors. We hope to possibly do 2 sets, or one big long one. Come out and party with us and meet the new band if you missed us last time at the Star Cross. For those of you familiar with the Alpine in the past, the management is attempting versatility with live bands
in the room, and we will be the first to bring great music back into the club as it's been more dance oriented for the past few years. The Alpine has been around for many years, and has had a good name in town for all the years I've lived here. It's time we bring live music back and in and give the people what they've been asking for. So come on out and hang with us, you won't regret it!!! Contact Joe or the staff at the Alpine for questions, band bookings or directions at 856-629-2424. I hope to see you there!!!! Thanks for your support!!!

Danny Danzi
Andy Slostad
Wayne Davis
Timmay Lloyd
Phil Buckleman

September 13, 2001
Our deepest sympathies to everyone at this time of horrible tragedy..... our thoughts and prayers are with you.

September 6, 2001
Wanna know a bit more about Danny's drummer? Go here:
Wanna see his photos from the Starcross and ZRock? Go to:

Photo Barb has lots of pictures of the Starcross Tavern show at her website.
Z Records has photos of Z Rock 2001 (they also have a video clips of the show)

July 29, 2001
The band is set to go to England to kick some butt on August 24th, but before we leave our shores, they would like to invite you to see them at a special place they call home for a tune-up gig.

From Danny:
We’ll be at a great little place (new and improved thanks to Lori and staff!) called The Starcross Tavern on August 18th. It's on route 555 (Tuckahoe Rd) in Franklinville/Newfield, south Jersey. Lori (owner of the Starcross) and I have been planning this for quite sometime, and things are finally in place. This is going to be quite an awesome event, and the first time the band will play live as a unit. My previous European tours sported a back-up band selected for me by the record label. This time I got my own guys, a new album in the works (due out Nov/Dec) and an awesome live show. We'd be honored if you could make it and party with us if you're free that night!

The night will kick off at approximately 8:00- 9:00 with my good friends Cry Wolf. They were kind enough to offer us a spot to play with them so we could test the waters of our live show before our England trip. Cry Wolf is a must see classic rock/southern rock band with a taste of today. They will open the first set and we will follow with approximately 1:15-1:30 minutes worth of original music from both "Somewhere Lost In Time", and my forthcoming new album "DanziLand". Cry Wolf will then take the stage for the last set and the band and I will be partying and hanging out for the duration of the night. You might want to get there early for there will be press and several of the bands friends in attendance as well as the awesome following of Cry Wolf. For more information, directions (written out below) or just to say hi to Lori and the staff, call the Starcross Tavern at 856-875-9455. I hope to see you there!!!!
Danny Danzi

Well it is Franklin Township. I guess you get mixed up because there is a Newfield Bank on the corner's confusing to a lot of people. If you really want to get technical (In case anyone asks, Star Cross is actually a small town of it's own! It is governed by Franklin Township (as is Franklinville, Malaga, Janvier, and more). Or official address is Franklinville 'cause that's our post office. It's 4454 Tuckahoe Road, Franklinville NJ.

From Phila: Walt Whitman or Ben Franklin Bridge, follow to 42 South. Stay Right of the Atlantic City Expressway through Turnersville. When you see the Walmart, Make a Right turn onto Rt. 555(Tuckahoe Road). The next traffic light will be a 6 road sure to stay on Tuckahoe Road, which is basically straight ahead, making sure the "shed" place is on your right. Continue on Tuckahoe Road going through two more traffic lights. It will look a bit rural,,,don't be alarmed the cows haven't mugged anyone yet! You will go around a bend and thTransfer interrupted!

Cherry Hill and Surrounding Areas: Take Rt. 73 South, follow to Berlin Circle, and continue to Rt. 73 South (3/4 around cirlcle). Go pass "84 Lumber", and you will see an off ramp..Williamstown/Sickerville. Follow this road (Sickerville Road), for about 8 miles, eventully coming to Route 42. There will be "Geet's Diner" on your right. Continue across Rt. 42, go through the next traffic light (Rt.322) and follow to a stop sign. This is now Tuckahoe Road. Make a left. The bar is one mile on the left hand side. Or....Go to Berlin Circle, Take road between McDonald's and Palace Diner. Go across Rt. 30, you are now on Cross Key's-Berlin Road. Stay Straight on Berlin-Cross Keys Road eventually crossing over Rt. 42 (Sam's Wholesale is on the Left). Continue to the next intersection. Bear Left...but not a sharp left, onto "Tuckahoe Road (Rt.555). Follow for 41/2 miles going through two traffic lights. We will be one mile pass the second light (Rt.610), on the left.

Atlantic City and South: Atlantic City Expressway to Williamstown-Sicklerville exit. Make a left after exiting ramp. You are on Sicklerville Road. Continue To Route 42. ("Geets Diner is on Left). Cross over, and go through the next traffic light (Rt.322). Continue to the STOP sign. Make a left. This is Tuckahoe Road (Rt.555). We will be one mile on the Left.

Danny's Live Jam via the internet The live jam will be on paltalk Tuesday August 14th at 9pm EST in Paltalk. Once in Paltalk, click groups button, then enable "adult rooms" or you won't see all the rooms. Once that is done, look for the music category and double click on it. This will display all the music rooms. Look for "DanziLand" and double click on it to get in. Make sure when you go you enable the check mark for "adult rooms" when you view the rooms list because people make that mistake all too often. Download paltalk at Thank you all so much for your kind letters and support, we promise not to let you down! NOTE: Please be wait until August 14th to enter the chat room. It's a lock chat room from Paltalk and Danny will open it. You can download the Paltalk program at

A special pre Z Rock booz up at Steppes, Wigan. Jaded Heart, Danny Danzi [with new US band] plus Contagious will be present. Music will of course be Z Related.

Doors 3pm
3:50PM - 4:25 PM Blow Up
Signing session with Jaded Heart
Sons Of Angels Slumber With The Lion Preview over PA
4:50PM - 5:35PM Contagious
Signing Session with Vaughn
Humanimal's forthcoming album previewed over PA
6:00PM - 7:05PM Jaded Heart
Signing session with Contagious & their forthcoming album previewed over PA
7:30PM - 8:45PM Danny Danzi
Signing session with Tygers Of Pan Tang
Friction's forthcoming album previewed over PA
9:10PM - 10:30PM Vaughn
Signing Session with Danny Danzi
Preview of Push's forthcoming album.
10:55PM - 00:15AM Tygers Of Pan Tang
After show party until 4am at the venue! Tickets: 15 In Advance; Tickets can still be obtained via the following credit card hotlines: 01695 555302, 0151 709 4321, 01697 746102, 01782 522370, 01489 603549; Or over the counter at X Records Bolton or The Royal Court Box Office, Liverpool. Mail Order: [Cheques payable to MJAP] ZRock C/O Z Records, PO BOX 58, SKELMERSDALE, LANCASHIRE, WN8 6FN, ENGLAND

June 18, 2001


01695 556302
01697 746102
01782 552398
01489 603549

June 2, 2001
The 12th of June will see the release of a special budget price double cd compilation entitled "ROCK THE NATIONS".

disc 1
[The band return tothe classic sound of their debut , track taken from The Seventh Day]
[A taster of things to come from Birmingham's finest. A must for fans of the bands Excess All Areas era]
[Doug Aldrich and co from the Time to Burn release essential hard rock !]
[Former Thin Lizzy guitarists Scott Gorham's current band, high class hard rock]
[ Tony Liddell, Billy Rush and legendary guitar ace Pat Thrall team up for this ground breaking release. Release Oct 2001]
[taken from the album II Prisoner yet again have released a totally ground breaking AOR release]
[taken from the album "Cycle of the moon" to be released July 2001 with 1 bonus track]
[from the self titled debut that rocked Europe, the title track is a fine example of the quality of this release]
[Sweden's youngest hard rock act, but don't let that fool you. taken from the forthcoming album "The truth & a little more]
[Our German friends Jaded Heart have agreed to appear at the forthcoming UK and German Z Rock shows, and provided two exclusive tracks for this release. Even more evidence why they are one of Germanys top rock acts]
[sadly Ray Gillen is no longer with us, recorded before his death this track proves that Badlands where one of the finest classic rock acts of the last 20 years. taken from "Dusk"]
[Taken from "Ten" , so catchy you'll be humming it for days]
[special remake of the classic 1981 track, features new frontman Tony Liddell !]
[rough mix from Dannys eagerly awaited second album. release October 2001]
[taken formt he album "Utopia"]
[last years debut was one of the is most successful of 2000, 2001's "Bad Attitude" will secure Dreamhunter as one of Europe's top rock acts !]
[taken from 1999's "Road Of Desire"]

disc 2
[Described by many as the hottest new find this year, Arabia deliver in your face stadium rock that will leave you wanting more and more. taken from : "1001 Nights]
[taken from Somewhere lost in time]
[2000 saw the return of former Tyketto members Danny, Jaimie and Mike, the band are currently recording their follow up to Soldiers and Sailors...which was one of 2000's most successful hard rock releases]
[Taken from the forthcoming album "Forgive and Forget", and sees the band return to their classic debut sound. release July 2001]
[Taken from the self titled release]
[taken from Recycled to be re-released November 2001]
[Sweden's finest rocking out, taken from Grand Design]
8 24K -- BLACK & BLUE
[taken from Bulletproof]
[Our German friends Jaded Heart have agreed to appear at the forthcoming UK and German Z Rock shows, and provided two exclusive tracks for this release. Even more evidence why they are one of Germanys top rock acts]
[taken from tomorrows come and gone]
[taken from The bands forthcoming debut, features Steve Grimmet, Gavin Cooper and Nick Burr. English hard rock at its best]
[taken from Blind]
[taken from Damage Done]
[A taste of things to come from the hotly tipped Liverpool act]
[Taken from the forthcoming album Mystical to be release September 3rd]
[taken from: Kingdom Come]
[exciting new US signing]

April 8, 2001
Hey hey everyone!!!! Sure has been a long time hasn't it? Well, so much has been goin on here! It's been quite a ride, I can tell you that! I know, I posted a few different times who was going to be in my band, posted a few pics etc. Well some of that has fallen by the wayside, and other changes have been made. We recently did an interview with, and thought this would be the right time to announce the REAL band. So let me catch you all up with exactly what HAS been going on! Here goes.....crack open a beer, soda, coffee, cigarette, bong, blunt, line, you know the's gonna be a long one, so enjoy however you enjoy these things! :-)

"The Hiring of the Band"
Due to the stress and mental anguish caused by doing a complete album almost by myself, (not to mention touring with a backing band that didn't get much time to rehearse with me) I made the decision to at least hire some guys to either play on the new album (as hired guns) or form a complete, and permanent band. The band thing has always been my dream. My strong points are in collaboration and being a team player. But when you can't find the right people, you do what you have to do to get the job done, and get your music heard. Well I opened up my black book and called the finest musicians I knew, and tried to build the ultimate line-up. Guy and Joey DeFalco were 2 of the hottest (Guy drums, Joey bass) players in the area. Their mix of funk, rock, progressive and metal, were the strong points I was looking for. On boards, Fran Wood was hired on account of his great back-up vocal ability, and in the pocket keyboard lines. We're a guitar band; the last thing we needed was a lead player keyboard player with an ego. Fran was perfect for the job! On rhythm guitar, my long time bud and one of my best friends, Andy Slostad. Of course you know he played a couple of instruments on SLIT, wrote a song, collaborated on a few, and wrote some lyrics with me on that album. We had worked before in a previous version of "Passion" my first band with me as the lead singer.

"Building the Family"
The meeting of meetings took place on February 2, 2000. We all decided we were going to "go for it" as a unit, and I presented the guys with "Danny's Rules to make this work". We went over them, and they knew exactly what would be needed from them to make this work. A nice little jam in my studio took place that night, and all of us felt the magic in the air. We had some pretty heavy hitters in that room that only knew me, and not each other. The first 2-3 jams that came out of us were pretty insane! How I wished I would have had the tape machine running! The jam ended, and the band took the rule pamphlets I made home with them to discuss with their families. The next meeting that took place the following week, brought a few questions to the table. We got through all the things in question, and again made a pact we would follow things through. Rehearsal times were discussed, and this is where we had our first dilemma. Joey and Guy were in a pretty successful family business that needed attention, and they wouldn't be able to practice with us as much as we thought was needed. So we tried to work it by their schedule as best as we could.

"The Fallout"
The rehearsals were not going as well as we thought they would. I basically had a part time drummer, and a bass player that just couldn't seem to make our project fit in with his busy life. Joey could no longer contribute to the project, so we parted ways and searched for a new bass player. Wayne Davis (the guy that helped me master SLIT) was contacted and decided to come over for a meeting with us. He liked what he heard as far as our expectations, the material, and the personality of the guys. He called the next day and said "I'll try it Danny and give you 100%. Practices started, and we found our part time drummer just wasn't going to be enough for what we all had in mind. I was pretty much at the end of my rope on this situation, and felt this was going nowhere. I called the guys up and said "I think we should bag this project because I have an album to put out, and I've wasted enough time trying to get this together." I contacted everyone and decided to just gather my thoughts on this whole thing for a while. As I got myself together, thinking on the best thing to do in this situation, the guys began to call me and feed my head with the things I needed to hear. We decided to give things one more try, but this time find a full time drummer. Attempting to write with a drum machine playing in the background, was a nightmare! I even went through the torture of re-recording all the drum tracks from SLIT so we could practice along with them. So this went on for quite some time. Playing the old songs, trying to get to know each other and still that album deadline approached me with little material finished. I just didn't want to do another album by myself! I didn' t want to be one dimensional and sounding like my past album. I was sincerely hoping the guys would bond together and become a family with me, but little was being done unless I did it myself. Were they scared? I gave them full control on their writing. I made it known I didn't want puppets on strings. I wanted a family, a unit, a band. After several months, we still had no drummer and the band was definitely losing morale and patience. We tried out quite a few drummers, and a few of the guys liked a few, but I still wasn't content. I needed to be more than content!

"The hiring of Timmaay!"
Just when we were on our last leg, an e-mail came through from a person I'd known of, but not known personally. His name was Tim Lloyd, and he lived about 10 minutes from me. My Vice President Karen, had put an add out for me on a few sites, and Tim saw it. He mentioned how he had played in a band that had played a few shows with my old cover band Skeleton Crew. I remembered his band, and remembered his awesome drumming. He sent me a mp3 he had, and we really liked what we heard. So Tim came over one night and played along with us to songs on the SLIT album. It was a killer night, and he made the band sound great. But I still needed more. I asked him to learn a few more songs, tighten a few things up and come back in a week. He did, and at the end of that night's rehearsal, we had a meeting and welcomed him into the band that weekend the end of January 2001.

"Fran's Departure"
Here we were almost 1 year into this project, and it had definitely taken its toll on all of us. Especially Fran. He was a "by the book" type of guy, and had really given his all into this thing. With Tim in the band, I felt this was our new start. A new beginning to what we all wanted. So on the first practice we had with Tim officially being in the band, I ripped into each member telling them what I expected from here on out, or we'' have to bag this once and for all. We had an album that was well overdue, not much help from the band at that point, and again I felt like all the weight was on my shoulders to get this thing done. Though you can all say ""but Danny, you are the guy signed and the one that is supposed to write the songs", that wasn't the case here any longer. I never wanted to be a solo artist; it just turned out that way because I never could find the right personnel. So after that pretty nasty meeting, (what a welcome 'eh Tim?) I felt everyone was on the same page, and we knew what we had to do from here on out. I got a call from Fran the next day and he basically told me "it's just not what I want anymore." Our stagnant progress had taken the bite out of Fran, and he had decided to leave to pursue a project with his wife. So once again, it was audition time, or was it?

"Even more problems?"
After Fran left, the last thing I wanted to do was start trying out people again. I really was bummed out to be in this situation, and knew this would definitely set us back not only in the keyboard area, but the back-up vocal area Fran was so good at. Andy had played keys for years, but I didn't want him to be burdened with having to perfect 2 instruments. I talked with him about it, and he said he was up for the challenge. So Andy worked on the keys (which he hadn't played seriously on for a few years) and his guitar skills which also needed work for he hadn't REALLY played in a while. But it didn't take him long to get things up to par, and he made the switch from guitar to keys back to guitar, quite fluently. Keep in mind guys, I'm not an easy guitarist to play with. I have a tuning issue that will make even the greatest guitarist you can name, want to shoot me! So hats off Andy for a job well done dude! Things began to move rather nicely, but that other vocal still was missing. One time on a break at rehearsal, Andy was playing some guitar to a Vertical Horizon song. When he started singing, Tim started singing back-ups in harmony! I was like, "what the hell?!" Tim, you can sing? Like really sing? Like as in harmony? And he says, "well, you never asked!" So that was the answer to the missing back up. Though we don't want Tim singing too much due to the killer drum parts that may suffer from this, we worked it in quite nicely. Things were going well, the band was forming the family thing, and I felt this was the best bunch of guys I could ever find! Not only great musicians, and multi-talented, but wonderful human beings! When I say multi-talented, I mean just that. Andy plays guitar, bass, drums, keys and sings. Wayne plays bass, guitar, keys, and sax. Tim plays drums, guitar and sings. Quite a unit huh? And they all do this pretty fluently. Where was I? Oh yeah! Things were going well, and we were all quite content. The writing was going fair, but a little slow. I still felt I was doing a bit too much on my own. We had a little meeting and things seemed a bit better. As we were working on a new tune, my mixing board started acting funny. We tried to milk it as long as possible, but it eventually died and this really set us back! I definitely thought of driving off a cliff at this point, trust me! Have any of you ever tried to unwire a 24 track mixing board? Hehehe, you're looking at 100 plus cables to hook it up, and a total nightmare to take it to get it fixed! Wayne owns a beautiful studio (which we will record the new album in this year) but he was so busy we wouldn't have been able to rehearse there. Rehearsal studios around here were pretty booked up on the nights we needed, so this definitely put us back a few. I started looking for who could fix my board and maybe make a house call so I wouldn't have to unwire anything. The calls I made to several audio repair shops said all the same things. "You're board is no longer in production and we can't get parts, so you'll have to send it back to Germany!" I was like what?!!! You can't be serious? But they were! *Plays "Taps" for the old mixing board, which was only 2 years old!* Insert my trumpet sound here. :-)

"What's new today"
Rebuilt my studio with all kinds of goodies, new board, new everything! This took quite a few weeks to wire up and test, but it was well worth it. It cost me quite a bundle, but God does things for a reason and I'm better off now than I've ever been as far as my studio is concerned. The band is now actively writing both songs and lyrics at a very steady pace. I've got the family I've always wanted, and am in the perfect situation all across the board. We've nearly finished the pre-production stages of the album, and have been working like crazy! We have been writing at least one full tune a week, and hope to go to post-production by the end of April or May. This album is really going to be something special! The crap that we went through to get to where we are now has made it all worth while. A slightly new direction in a few songs, but still rockin and hooky like you expect from me with plenty of guitar! Not to mention 3 fantastic musicians that have contributed their efforts as well. So you're now officially up to date with everything going on for the past year here in DanziLand. I sincerely apologize to everyone for the delay of my album, but as you can see, I think I have a pretty good excuse for making you wait on a better product than you got last time. And that's all I want really. Your happiness, and an awesome album everyone can enjoy. So hang in there, the best is yet to come, and that's a promise!

Thank you all for your friendship and support!

Danny Danzi - Lead vocals, guitar, lead guitar
Andy Slostad - Rhythm guitars, keys
Wayne Davis - Bass, keys
Timmay Lloyd - Drums

January 1, 2001
Danny Danzi is still hard at work on his new album which has been rescheduled for release during August 2001. The little guy will also be making a special live appearance with his brand new backing band to coincide with the release within Europe, more details to follow shortly. Danny described his new material as still melodic but with a slightly harder edge, Z staff have already given the new material the nod of approval !

September 29, 2000
I found this article in the summer issue of Rock Report and I thought it would be interesting to add to the web-site....Great review with picture. See it in the "Concert Reviews" area.

September 2000
Danny has been locked away in the studio in preparation for his forthcoming follow up to 1999's "Somewhere Lost In Time". Earlier this year we gave you a sneak preview of one of the possible tracks to be included on the forthcoming as yet untitled release. The track Eternity was a demo and Danny wishes to assure fans that his new album will have major league production ! Those of us here at Z can confirm that Dannys pre production to date has been staggering, and that his new album will be one of the album of 2001 ! More news on the man soon.

September 4, 2000
Added the full length MP3 of Eternity to the downloads page.

August 17, 2000
Z Records will be opening an on-line shop to get your CD's. Karen did an on-line interview with Wayne Davis (bass player for Danny), you can read it at OneList No word yet if Z Rock USA has been rescheduled :-((( That's it for news because Danny's been very busy in the studio. I have been on an extended vacation, so there hasn't been much in updates. I'll see if I can some new pictures and video when I visit Danny. Hope everyone is having a great summer, I sure am!!!

July 4, 2000
Z 2000 USA:
Our Lawyer did not get a reply last week re a contract adjustment for our Z Show in the US which we had been waiting for for several weeks. More and more red tape has been thrust at us each month, and because of this we have made the decision to freeze the NJ show. We are making every effort to still put our showcase within the US on this year and will post some more news shortly. Our friends within the USA can rest assured that there WILL be a show.for up to date news visit

May 27, 2000
Hey guys....Just to let you know a little of what's been going on. Bassist Joey Defalco will no longer be with my band and has been replaced by none other than my good friend Wayne Davis from "The White Alice Project." Wayno (as we sometimes call him....not to be confused with Whino...the man doesn't drink) and I have worked on a few projects together where I played some guitar and drums for his band. We got very used to one another at a rather fast pace and became great friends both spiritually and musically. He also was the guy that mastered SLIT if by chance you noticed the name. Wayne walked into our rehearsal and really played up a storm! At the end of the set I said....."I have nothing to think about" outloud, and that was followed by the rest of the guys chiming in the same. What a great night for us! Two nights after that, vocal rehearsal was held and all I can say is we will turn allot of heads with what we are capable of vocally in this band. By far the best I've ever worked with in all my years of playing. The songs on SLIT sounded exactly like the album back-up vocals, but stronger. The powerful voice of big Wayne threw our already killer back-ups, over the top. In short, this band may be the best band I've ever been in. The talent that is present during rehearsals is something I've never had before in an original band. These guys want to rip your faces off...there is no question about it. If things continue to go well, I will most likely invite them to play and write on the forthcoming album. If that works out well, we'll change the name of the band. Did I just say that? I must really feel good about I sound excited? ;-) Be well and enjoy your weekend everyone! Safe journeys to those traveling!!!
Danny Danzi

May 21, 2000
We will be changing servers in the next couple of days, so if the web-site is down, it should be back up in a few days.

May 15, 2000
MAJOR SUMMER CAMPAIGN KICKS IN !: Yet again we are putting our product where our mouth is, and giving you the chance to hear what we think are THE best Rock acts anywhere ! The offer is as follows...Buy any Z titles during May or June [while stocks last] from your favourite retailer and get "Musically Correct Vol4" for free ! The 16 track compilation is possibly the best sampler to be released in recent years, well thats our opinion you'll have to check it out for yourselves... Track Listing....

Track No: Artist title

April 13, 2000
Due to a higher that anticipated ticket demand we have been forced to move our USN show to a larger venue. Tickets will go on sale within the next three to four weeks. Venue: South Jersey Expo ,Pennsauken, NJ, USA Date: October 14th 2000 ticket Price: $20 [Plus booking fee] Capacity: 3000 Venue Website:

April 8, 2000
USA Z Rock 2000: Due to the TLA being sold recently, tickets will not go on sale until early May due to reorganisation within the venue. Danny has now started work on his follow up to the critically acclaimed "Somewhere Lost In Time" release. We can already tell you that his new album will not disappoint his fans, already Danny has penned what is possibly his best work to date a song entitled Eternity. The new track will either be played live or debuted over the PA at the forthcoming Z 2000 show in England. Meanwhile the US continues to welcome Dannys debut with open arms !!!

March 26, 2000
Danny is looking to do a cover song on his next album. He would like for those interested in participating, to send him 3 cover tunes they think he would kick butt on. The chosen winner will win these prizes: 1. A free autographed CD upon its completion. 2. A phone call from yours truly to rap with them and thank them personally. 3. A name credit on the Cd also thanking them for their participation. 4. A Danny Danzi shred shirt.

February 22, 2000
For those of us in the U.S. - "Somewhere Lost In Time" in stores NOW!!!!!


We have already been asked to ship more copies of the releases from Damned Nation and Danny Danzi due to a heavier demand than previously expected. Great news for our US venture especially after only two days from the official release date.

Z-2000 USA: Tickets Go On Sale in MARCH!!!!

February 10, 2000
From Danny: As you know, the Ryko/Universal Danny Danzi "Somewhere Lost In Time" CD is scheduled for a February 15th release date. That date is in fact true, but that is when it will leave Ryko's offices to go to the stores. They will have it on the shelves by February 22, so no worries. I just wanted you all to know this in case you were going out to get it on the once again come home empty handed. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but it's out of my hands. Thanks for your understanding, be well!

February 5, 2000
Z-2000 USA:
The line up is now Danny Danzi, Savannah, Damned Nation and Freedom Cage. Tickets for the event will go on sale shortly through ticketmaster.

Danny's new band consists of:
Danny Danzi - Lead Vocals/Lead/Rhythm guitars
Andy Slostad - Lead/Rhythm guitars/back-up vocals
Joey DeFalco - Bass guitar/Rhythm guitar/back-up vocals
Guy DeFalco - Drums/Percussion/back-up vocals
Fran Wood - Keys/Piano/back-up vocals

January 30, 2000
New pictures coming soon.

January 27, 2000
Z-2000 USA: We promised the show, and we are pleased to confirm the following details. Please note that tickets are not yet on sale.

date : 14th October 2000
If you would like more info please e mail

January 9, 2000
Coming Soon: Check the site in February for video

From Z Records has now penciled October 14th 2000 as the date for Z-2000 USA the label is currently deciding which venue to use. The event will take place within the Tri -State area [NY, NJ ETC] and will make the UK based label the first European label to commit 100% to a large live event within the USA in possibly a decade. If you would like to receive more info re the gig e mail

January 7, 2000
Danny has two songs on the Crusade CD from Z Records. "Is Love A Lie" and the bonus track "I Want To Spend My Life With You" from the Import "Somewhere Lost In Time" appear on this two CD set. Thank You Mark Alger for my copy...your the best!!!

December 31, 1999
From Z Records:
Warning : New Z project CONTAGIOUS to open Z-2000 UK show.
CONTAGIOUS has now been together since November of this year, it is hoped that the band will open at Z-2000 on April 30th 2000.

The bands line up is:
Lead Guitars / B Vocals :DANNY DANZI
Keyboards / B Vocals :GED RYLANDS [ex Ten]
Lead Vocals :STEVIE KENNY [awesome new vocal talent signed exclusively to Z]
Rhythm Guitar / B Vocals:TONY MARSHALL

December 14, 1999
Check out this MP3 file of Danny singing Happy Birthday to Fred Monster of Majestic Magazine in the Downloads page.

December 2, 1999
From Z Records:
Danny is currently relaxing and enjoying the success of his debut album "Somewhere Lost In Time." A brand new studio is currently being built at "DanziLand" and should be completed around February. Danny is currently working on pre-production material until the new facility is up and running, and will begin working on the next album sometime in March, and hopefully release the new album by this time next year or early 2001.

Thanks to everyone that sent in their entries for the Phone Call Contest.
Winner of the contest was Carol Bittman.
The winning entry was:
In my life I've loved and lost, but always had my dreams. I've given up so many times, and never thought I'd find love again, but now whenever I hear this song (which is a lot) it brings home to me that anything is possible. If a relationship that starts off with friendship grows into love, but somewhere along the way one or the other people need space to "find themselves" then you have to let them go; hoping that they will find their way back to you. If they do, then it is meant to be, if they don't then you can always hold them in your heart, because you will have that special bond that brought you together in the first place. That is what makes the dream all worthwhile in the end, especially if you are lucky enough to find and hold on to it, no matter what.

November 21, 1999
Danny contributes his guitar talents to a song called, "HEAT OF THE SUN" with the WHITE ALICE PROJECT
Find the MP3 URL here:

November 12, 1999
The deadline for contest entries has been extended to November 28, 1999. This is because I have had some people mention that they needed more time.

October 17, 1999
At last we are able to give you all the 100% confrimed Danny Danzi US release date. Danny's album somewhere lost in time will be released on February 15th 2000 on Z Records and distribited by Ryko/Universal.

October 15, 1999

October 14, 1999
CONTEST UPDATE: I have been receiving e-mails from people telling me they cannot write a hundred words or less for this contest, so forget it .... just write whatever you want .... just please don't send me a book :-); and if you have already sent in your entry, you can resubmit. Thank You.

Prize: A phone call from Danny Danzi
Contest: Pick ONE song off the CD and write ONE small paragraph (under a hundred words) on what the song means to you.
Rules: One entry per person. Danny will e-mail the winner for a time and date that is convenient to both parties. The winner and the entry will be posted on the Danny Danzi web-site and the Danny Danzi Fan Club Newsletter. You must use your full name when entering. People that know Danny are ineligible (you know who you are). Judges: Danny Danzi, Ann Points (aka Danni), Michele Allen, Submit all entries to: (I will then forward entries to Ann (Danni) and Danny) You may also use this e-mail for any questions or comments you may have. All entries must be received by November 12, 1999.....Good Luck

October 4, 1999
Danny has a OneList. Sign up for the digest version and messages will be delivered right to your e-mail. Here is the URL to subscribe and e-mails for more information:
Post message:
List owner:

September 25, 1999 has reported that "Somewhere Lost In Time" is NO. 2 for the Week Ending: September 20, 1999

The Real Audio Greeting on the Home Page is New.....check it out because the music is going to be a song on Danny's "NEXT" CD...... A "Thank You" to all. ;-) I just wanted to send out a personal thank you to all of you that have purchased my CD, and for the great friendhip along the way. It's because of you I am what I am, and came in the #2 for CD sales. Words can't express my gratitude, but thank you from the bottom of my heart seems to be appropriate. You all rock! Thanks again!!! -- Danny Danzi

September 23, 1999
The Crusade Compilation will be now released on October 11th Danny Danzi will have two tracks on this 2 CD set: 1st CD will feature "Is Love A Lie" and the 2nd CD will feature "I Want To Spend My Life With You" (the bonus track off the Japanese Import)

Also, from Z:
We have been advised by our distributor RYKO UNIVERSAL to not release the albums by DANNY DANZI and DAMNED NATION until late January 2000. Their advise was given because of the immanent release of 6 major rock releases which they believe may have damaged sales. We have of course accepted their advise, the new revised release dates will be posted shortly.

September 17, 1999
Z 2000:
The line up has been extended again for Z 2000, the updated line up is...
Lillian Axe
D Vaughn, M Clayton & J Scott formerly of Tyketto
Danny Danzi
Damned Nation
Aces High
Seven Wishes
venue: Maximes,Wigan, England.
date : Sunday April 30th 2000
doors: noon - midnight
Tickets can be purchased directly from Z Records for 16 mailorder by writing to....
Z 2000
Z Records
PO Box 58
Or from one of the following credit card outlets [hours 10am - 6pm UK time] may be subject to booking fee.
TEL: +44 [0]1782 522370
TEL: +44 [0]1489 603549
Or by secure credit card order page at: [search:Z ROCK 2000]

September 9, 1999
Chat on Wednesday, September 15, 7:00 PM Eastern Time

August 28, 1999
More AUDIO Clips added
More pictures have been added to the PHOTO ALBUM
On the UK version of "SOMEWHERE LOST IN TIME", I found out that there is an extra picture on the back under the CD (also the lyrics to "SOMEWHERE LOST IN TIME" are with this pic)
Lastly, a really cool surprise cool surprise interview is coming soon - keep watching - I'll try to have it up as soon as possible

August 23, 1999
Z Records is now able to confirm the US release date which is September 28, 1999 via Ryko/Universal for "Somewhere Lost In Time" Z Compilatoin "Crusade" - September 30th Europe Only - Budget 2 CD release containing the best of the best from Z's first two years, plus previously unreleased material from Great King Rat, Savannah, Amaze Me, Danny Danzi, Damned Nation, and Push. The album will also contain new tracks from 24K Seven Wishes, Aces High, Shout, Human Race & Dreamhunter. The double CD compilatoin will sell for less than a nornal single CD album!!

August 7, 1999
Danny's Interview with Powerplay magazine in the September issue (Issue No. 12)

It really is looking like DANZIMANIA as it was described on one internet noticeboard has hit us, we are currently receiving a staggering amount of mails re the release of Dannys album form all over the World. We are now able to confirm the US release date which is September 28th 1999 via Ryko/Universal, and on August 16th in Europe as already reported.

July 27, 1999
New photo in the Photo Album of Danny with his former band "Passion".

July 17, 1999
KAREN RUGGERO painted the most amazing portrait of Danny. Thank you Karen for sending it in.

We have had alot of requests for signed copies of Danny's debut "Somewhere Lost In Time" which will be released on August 16th. If you require a signed copy of the album please send 10 [UK] or cash by registered mail [this garantees it will reach us] for 11 for Europe and the US etc [If foriegn draft send 12 . extra 1 to cover>bank charges]
the cds will be signed by Danny on August 19th and mailed on the same day. [Please note: We cannot be held responsible for any money not sent by registered mail, which means it must be signed for by our office]

July 12, 1999
The Catelog Number for Danny Danzi's "Somewhere Lost In Time" is ZR1997017 US fans will be able to get the release on August 16th through NEH's website, they are based in Colorado. Z Records mentioned that you may be able to pre-order now!!!

July 10, 1999
I add a screen saver to the site (The Danny Saver)....check it out (complete with sound) It has been confirmed that the European release of "Somewhere Lost In Time" will be on August 16, 1999. The US release will be just a few weeks later. The Art Work will be the SAME for the Import and Domestic versions.

June 23, 1999
This web-site has now had a 1000 hits in less than two months - I want to thank everybody for their support and help (especially the two "D's" Dann"y" and Dann"i", Rob Cohen, Tom and Bill O'Donnell). I have the liner notes to the new CD and will upload them as soon as I get the okay from Danny. Right now, he is enjoying a well-deserved vacation hanging out with Johnny Lima.

Looks like the next Z-Rock will be April 30, 2000 and, yes, Danny will there. More details to follow.

June 17, 1999
I forgot to add that Danny's tour band will be the same awesome band that backed him up at Z-Rock:

June 6, 1999JUNE 6, 1999
UPDATES: Tour Dates and a Review from Burrn! Magazine; please don't forget to check out the new audio file by Danny on the Home Page entitled "Yipee!!" - it's pretty cool!!!

June 1, 1999
"I WANT TO SPEND MY LIFE WITH YOU" is the title of the extra track to be included on "SOMEWHERE LOST IN TIME" import CD.

May 31, 1999

May 26, 1999
It was brought to my attention that the Mailing List Form and Feedback Form have not been functioning properly, therefore any submissions that have been sent in to me have not been received. If you have filled out these forms, please resubmit them. I apologize for this inconvenience - Michele

May 24, 1999
Danny will be doing an interview with Powerplay Magazine on May 30, 1999

May 20, 1999
The Yahoo "Danny Danzi Fan Club" is up and running - complete with Chat Room ... You need to register to join - it's fast, free and easy. Hopefully we will be able to schedule some chats with Danny .... if so, I will post the times and dates right here .... please check back and I hope to see you all there. The Yahoo Fan Club for Danny was founded by Danni (No, not Danny Danzi, but Danni (our one and only web-master for the AOR Music Message Board - "Silent Brigade Underground").

May 18, 1999
Danny will be doing a phone interview on May 24 with Burrn! Magazine (ranked as one of the top music magazines in Japan). As soon as Danny lets me know which issue he will be in, I will post it here.

May 5, 1999
After his storming live debut performance at Z Rock 99, we are proud to confirm that Danny will be playing live again within the UK during August. A tour is in the process of being set up, more details to follow shortly!

Z ROCK 2000 !!!!!!!!
As announced on Sunday, the UK bash will be a regular gig the next show will take place on May 6th 2000 at Maximes, Wigan, England. Current acts fully confirmed are SAVANNAH and DANNY DANZI more acts will be added soon so please check our news board out for more details. Tickets for the show will go on sale from August 1st 1999.

The Song List for Danny's Set was as follows:
"Save Us", "Is Love A Lie", "All The Time", "Love Me Or Leave Me", Extended Version of "Come To Me"

May 4, 1999
Z-ROCK 1999 PHOTOS Added

April 28, 1999

April 18, 1999
The mixing of Danny's CD is finished - it will be mastered this week. Congratulations "D". Release date expected August 16, 1999.

April 15, 1999
Danny Danzi will not only be playing a song with Damned Nation, but will, also, be playing a set at the Z Rock show on May 2nd. Danny's band consists of ...
ALAN KULKE : RYTHM GUITAR / VOCALS [respected Liverpool Guitarist]
Danny will be on stage at 3:20 on May 2, 1999

April 6, 1999
Danny Danzi's debut "SOMEWHERE LOST IN TIME" will be released by Marquee Avalon within Japan.

April 3, 1999
The release of Danny Danzi's debut album "Somewhere Lost In Time" has been put back to August 16th . The release has been put back due to a deal currently being finalised for the release of the album within Japan. Dannys debut has been described at a potent mix of Blue Murder and Giant circa time to burn. More details to follow .

March 30, 1999

March 29, 1999
A DISCUSSION ZONE/MESSAGE BOARD has been added to the website. Also, added a MISCELLANEOUS section. I have been getting some e-mails with some pretty cool graphics attached to them and I thought this would be a good place to display them.

March 22, 1999
GUESTBOOK has been added to the web-site.

March 15, 1999
INTERVIEW with Danny now up and running. Danny Danzi's song "SAVE US" will be the first track on the Z Sampler: Musically Correct, Volume 3 - The Eagles Has Landed. Danny will be England the first week in May for the Z Festival to do some promotional appearances for the upcoming release oF "Somewhere Lost In Time".

March 13, 1999
Danny's CD has a title: "Somewhere Lost In Time"; Expected release date is June 14, 1999 in Europe and the UK. The United States will follow shortly afterwards.

March 10, 1999
The debut CD (yet untitled) is due in stores on June 1999.

Danny Danzi's song "COME TO ME" appears on the Z Sampler Musically Correct, Volume 2

October 1998
Danny Danzi signed to Z Records.